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Entree: Chickpea & quinoa sandwich w/ sundried tomato-walnut relish, red cabbage & garlic vegan cream dressing $8

Soup: spicy black bean

Veggie: grilled asparagus with ginger miso dressing

Side of the day: roasted tomato salsa with tortilla chips

……and lots of sweet treats!


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Entree: Seitan Asada w/ tomato salsa, simple slaw & avocado-jalapeno relish $8

Soup: White bean & hazlenut

Veggie: Spicy marbled mashed potatoes

Vegan treats: grasshopper cake, Flying Elvis Cake, gluten-free chocolate cake, chocolate pomegranate cupcakes, Elvis cupcakes, giant chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes, giant mochaccino caramel filled cupcakes, & chocolate chip cookies!

let’s share special time together

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on this lovely wednesday we have plantain and coconut stew served over rice w/ grilled tofu, north african sauce and cilantro. white bean and hazelnut soup rules. side of the day is eggplant hummus and the veggie if the day is spicy marbled mashed potatoes. and as always, a tasty array of vegan and gluten free baked goods are waiting to give a foot rub to your tired taste buds. see ya!

It’s Burger ‘n’ Beer Night!

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Get our veggie burger with chips & a high-alcohol beer (excluding Chimay) for $10!  Our veggie burger special tonight is topped with spicy kraut & grilled onions.


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Entree: Thai peanut stir fry with tofu & veggies over brown rice $8

Soup: North African Lentil

Side of the day: Mexican brown rice w/ broccoli & green peppers

sunday, sunday, sunday!

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good day to you. are you ready for this? first of all, we have bagels w/ cream cheese(real or vegan),roasted red peppers, and soysage. we also have a big ole quesadilla filled w/ beans, peppers, onions, and cheese(real or vegan also), served with some chips salsa and vegan sour cream. cold cucumber salad is our veg of the day. the soup is a north african lentil soup(it does contain peanuts). we still have a ton of vegan baked goods for the sweet tooth in you. did i mention mimosas? we got mimosas! see you soon.