Posted by: Melanie  /  Category: Menu Specials

Entree: Seitan Asada w/ tomato salsa, simple slaw & avocado-jalapeno relish $8

Soup: White bean & hazlenut

Veggie: Spicy marbled mashed potatoes

Vegan treats: grasshopper cake, Flying Elvis Cake, gluten-free chocolate cake, chocolate pomegranate cupcakes, Elvis cupcakes, giant chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes, giant mochaccino caramel filled cupcakes, & chocolate chip cookies!

3 Responses to “Specials!”

  1. melissa Says:

    anything raw on the menu today besides the lettuce wraps?

  2. Melanie Says:

    No, not today. Maybe soon!

  3. melissa Says:

    keep me posted. Next time you have raw foods or desserts I’ll be there with my sisters. We are trying a mainly raw diet