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Entree: New England style mock fish sandwich on a wheat hoagie with tartar sauce & lettuce; comes with a side item $8 Soup: Roasted garlic, pepper & chickpea bisque Vegan treats: raw chocolate orange cake, chocolate ganache cake, a variety of cupcakes, cookies, cookie sandwiches & gluten free chocolate cake!!

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hello today. ready? let’s go. #1, baked pasta and veggies w/ marinara. #2 coconut/tomato curry bok choy and seitan. mmm. sweet potato and kale quinoa salad topped w/creamy parsley sauce. sweet potato and chickpea soup. grasshopper cake, chocolate ganache cake, pomegranate/chocolate cupcakes, chai tea spice cupcakes, gluten free chocolate cake and gingerbread cupcakes. yes!

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Entree: Baked pasta with marinara sauce, fresh basil, veggies & vegan mozzarella; comes with a side salad $8 Soup: sweet potato & chickpea Veggie of the day: spicy spaghetti squash Vegan treats: chocolate dipped almond cookies, oatmeal cream pies, oatmeal raisin cookies, gluten free chocolate cake, gluten free gingerbread cupcakes, chai cake, grasshopper cake & […]

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“what” you say? “specials!” i say

lets go. sweet green quinoa salad topped with grilled tempeh and creamy parsley sauce is awesome. butternut squash soup is rad. dill carrots with carmelized onions is too cool. raw banana and chocolate vegan cheesecake is the bees knees. gluten free chocolate heaven cake and gingerbread cupcakes will put a drooling smile on you face. […]

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Sunday Specials!

Entree #1: Portabello mushroom tacos with guacamole, cabbage & a side of beans $8 Entree #2: Jamaican chickpea stew with mango & grilled chili lotus root, served over brown rice $8 Soup: black bean Veg of the day: dill carrots with carmelized onions Vegan treats: raw banana chocolate “cheesecake” and German chocolate roll cake.  We […]

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