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Memorial Day Specials!

Entree: The Buddha Bowl!  It’s peanut butter tempeh, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, tomato & crushed peanuts over quinoa or rice!  $8.50 Soup: Thai peanut & basil Veggie of the day: roasted potatoes with rosemary Vegan treats: cake shakes, cookies ‘n’ cream cake, raw key lime “cheesecake”, raw fudge brownies, gluten free chocolate cake, gluten […]

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Sunday Specials!

Entree: Blueberry pancakes with fresh fruit & all natural syrup $8 Side of the day: hash browns Veggie: collard greens Try a cake shake! Vegan treats: raw key lime “cheesecake”, raw fudge pecan brownies, gluten free chocolate cake, gluten free lime cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, cookies ‘n’ cream cake, chocolate ganache cake, mint chocolate brownies & a […]

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special time

we gots some sweet potato and kale tacosw/ cabbage, punkin seeds and garlic aioli. comes w/ a side. “what side should i get?”, you say. get some good ole collard greens. or, how about some chickpea and tempeh stew. if raw deserts are your poison then we have some fudge pecan brownies or key lime […]

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Friday specials!

Entree: Jamaican Jerk tempeh tacos with spinach, peppers, homemade vegan sour cream, brown rice, cilantro & peanuts; comes with a side item!  $8.50 Soup: roasted tomato & chickpea Veggie: raw carrot-beet salad Vegan treats: raw mint chocolate “cheesecake”, Yin Yang cake, a variety of cupcakes, “cream cheese” brownies & gluten free chocolate cake!

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Thursday specials

Entree: Italian tempeh & zucchini grinder with sundried tomatoes, spinach & cheese (vegan or dairy); comes with a side $8.50 Soup: Roasted tomato & chickpea Veggie: lemon & cayenne roasted carrots Vegan treats: raw mint chocolate “cheesecake”, Flying Elvis cake (50% off), Yin Yang cake, “cream cheese” brownies, a variety of cupcakes & candy bars!

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