desert already?

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ok. for you, peanut butter cookie monster cake. grasshopper cake. raw strawberry/chocolate or strawberry/blueberry cheesecake. giant cookies n cream cupcakes. and more! come in and see.

lets get special

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betcha can’t wait to dig them molars into a roasted sage and portabella sandwich. how bout we throw in some kalmata olive spread, roasted red peppers, spinach and avocado. sound good? get one. try the black bean and corn salad too. new deserts coming soon. trust me.


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Entree: Mock fish sandwich w/ lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce & cocktail sauce; comes with a side item $8.50

Side of the day: Szechuan noodle salad

Veggie of the day: tomato-basil salad with sunflower seeds (garden fresh basil!)

It’s a Wild Wednesday, so all of our alcohol drinks are $1 off all day long!

We are now serving vegan milkshakes!¬† Other sweet treats include: raspberry cake, gluten free chocolate cake & chocolate cake truffles.¬† More desserts will be ready later……

Monday Specials!

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Entree: Herb crusted tempeh served with mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy and corn on the cob $8.50

Veggie of the day: mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy (in case you want it as a side item)

Tonight is Burger & Beer Night……$10 for our homemade veggie burger, chips & a high alcohol beer!

special time

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the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so they say. so we say, come get a tofu for scramble plate for the aforementioned meal. tofu scramble on a bed of kale w/ some hashbrowns and jalapeno corn gravy. veg of the day is apple,radish,corn salad. or just come and enjoy a donut and mimosa with us. see you then.


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…when you come in to the Wild Cow Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant¬†today. I say that because I looked up “This Day in History” and basically nothing exciting or interesting has ever happened on this day. FOR ALL OF RECORDED TIME. That means you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting on the “map” by oh I don’t know maybe grabbing our BAJA TACOS WITH GRILLED BEER-MARINATED TEMPEH, AVOCADO, RADISHES, SPICY SLAW AND HOMEMADE VEGAN SOUR CREAM WITH YOUR CHOICE OF A SIDE FOR EIGHT FIFTY. There will be legends told for generations of the time you conquered (read: thoroughly enjoyed) this sweet, spicy, savory, sizzlin’ summertime dish.

Our veggie of the day is raw beet and kale salad, and our side of the salad is apple-corn-salad-radish-salad with salad. SAALLLAADDDD.

Of course, if you’re REALLY looking to cement your position in posterity, you could go the extra mile by snaggin’ a slice of our RAW MANGO “CHEESE”CAKE or any number of other delicious vegan treats, including BUT BY ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS LIMITED TO: Flying Elvis Cake, Beglian Apple-Almond Tarts, Raspberry Hazelnut Cookies with Pomegranate, Gluten-free Strawberry Cupcakes, and more!!!