New Menu!

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We have a new menu starting today! It’s not updated here on the website yet….sorry! Some new items include: Fettucini Alfredo with fresh veggies (GF), The Far Eastland Bowl (peanutty tofu, garlicky kale, sesame seeds, carrot-daikon slaw & brown rice), Sweet Potato-Black Bean Tacos (GF), Spinach & Artichoke Dip (GF) & a new smoothie made with coconut water.
Also, you now get a choice of corn or flour tortillas with tacos and you can choose your side with tacos! Nachos & Taco Salads will come with black beans & pinto beans and you can get a sesame seed bun or a whole wheat bun with your veggie burger!
And it’s a Wild Wednesday, so IT’S HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY LONG!
Side of the day: sesame cucumber salad (GF)
Veg of the day: peanut slaw


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Entree: The Keep Giving Thanks Plate with herb-crusted tofu, cranberry sauce & mashed sweet potatoes (GF) $8.50
Soup: fresh veggie (GF)
Side of the day: melon salad (GF)
Veg of the day: beet-apple-jicama salad (GF)
Vegan treats: raw lemon raspberry “cheesecake”, giant chocolate filled cupcakes (cookies ‘n ‘cream & peanut butter), more cupcakes, chocolate vanilla flake cake, walnut spice cakes, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches & hazelnut cookies!
Burger & Beer Night starts at 5:00! You can get our homemade veggie burger, chips & a high alcohol beer for $10!

We will have a new menu starting on Wednesday!

Sunday Specials!

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Entree: Tofu scramble tacos with cauliflower, carrots, peppers, onions, spinach, brown rice & homemade vegan sour cream; comes with a side item! (GF) $8.50
Soup: fresh veggie (GF)
Side of the day: cantaloupe & honeydew (GF)
Vegan treats: Donuts, raw lemon raspberry “cheesecake”, a variety of cupcakes including giant chocolate filled grasshopper cupcakes, German hazelnut cookies, walnut apple spiced mini bundt cakes, chocolate-vanilla cake with chocolate flakes, sugar cookies & chocolate chip cookie sandwiches!!
Mimosas with organic OJ are only $4.50!


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Our Special is grilled Peanut Tofu with kale, served over brown rice and topped with carrots, sesame seeds, and peanut sauce! The name above is simply my working title, but it’s going on our new menu soon and needs a permanent moniker – top this one and you’ll win a Wild Cow t-shirt AND MONDO BRAGGING RIGHTS WHAT WHAAATTT.

Our Sooooup is Green Bean amd Cauliflower with Dill (GF), and our Veggie of the Day is Grilled Zucchini with Green Goddess dressing (GF). We’ve also got some BOMB-ACE Vegan Mac n’ Cheese!

Desserts today are way too cool 4 u. But I’ll list them anyway:

-S’mores Cake

-Gluten-free Chocolate Heaven Cake and Gingerbread Cupcakes

-Cinnamon-Glazed Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sammiches

-Chocolate Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Creamcheeze, And Cookies n’ Cream Cupcakes

-Giant Cherry-Filled Almond Chocolate and Grasshopper Chocoalte-Filled Cupcakes

-Banana Chocolate-Chip Loaves

-Raw Citrus and Blueberry Cheezecake



Big Love in 2k11.


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Come celebrate the crash of the stock market that triggered the Great Depression with our Caribbean Spiced Sweet Potato Taco Special! Because nothing says “All hope is lost, your savings have been liquidated by irresponsible banking practices, and your job security has just vanished faster than mass support for deregulation” than two lightly roasted corn tortillas filled with sweetly seasoned creamy sweet potatos and black beans topped with cabbage and cilantro slaw with jerk sauce and your choice of a side!

… Wait, whats that? It’s Black Friday, not Black Tuesday? And Black Tuesday happened in October? And you can’t celebrate it at the Wild Cow because we’re closed on Tuesdays anyway? Whoops. Well, all the more reason to give those shopping-weary heels a break and fuel up at our fine, 100% All-American Establishment! We’ve also got a side of the day, Fruity and Nutty Chickpea Salad!


-S’mores Cake

-Cookies n’ Cream, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

-Gluten-free Gingerbread Cupcakes

-Cinnamon-Glazed Cookie Sandwiches

- Whole-wheat Sweet Potato Pecan and Banana Chocolate Chip Loaves

-A whole Pumpkin-cream cheese cake!

-Raw Citrus Blueberry Cheezecake



Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are closed today. Have a wonderful day with your friends and family! We will be open normal hours tomorrow and we hope to see you then!