New Year’s Eve specials!

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Entree: Caribbean spiced spaghetti squash stew with grilled tempeh, spinach & our homemade vegan sour cream (GF by request) $8.75
Side of the day: polenta with pinto beans
Vegan treats: chocolate almond cake, Flying Elvis cake, giant chocolate filled cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes, a variety of other cupcakes, raw strawberry blueberry “cheesecake”, chocolate chip cookies sandwiches & mint chocolate brownies!

Holiday hours!

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We will be open today (New Year’s Eve) from 11:00AM-3:00PM. Tomorrow, we will open at 3:00 and close at our normal time of 9:00. On Wednesday, January 4th, we’ll close at 3:00 for a staff holiday party. Happy New Year’s Eve!


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Today is going to be SUCH A TRAINWRECK!!! Which is, weirdly enough, great news for you? Because that means the special is JOHN’S TEXAS HOLD EM’ ELECTRIC COWBOY TRAINWRECK CHILI BOWL, a piping hot smorgasbord of polenta, spinach, chickpeas, black beans, TVP, cilantro, onions, garlic, tortilla chips, and vegan sour cream!

We’re always on your side here at the Wild Cow. That’s why we have some special ones just 4 U: Braised red cabbage, Beet and Ginger Soup, and Roasted Carrot/Jalapeno Hummus!

Mother Hubbard’s Vegan Dessert Cupboard is looking a bit bare at the moment (Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake, a lonely-looking chocolate chip cookie sandwich, Raw Blackberry Lemon Cheezecake, and Cherry Tarts), but there WILL BE SO MUCH MORE VERY SOON KIDDOS. Ve vill be TELLING YUUU vhen zere is MORE OF ZIS GUUTNESS in ze STORE!!!!

Specials. Chaos Reigns.

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Today’s special is a Sweet Potato Sandwich with apples, sprouts, basil, caramelized red onions, and dried cranberries. It’s served on a whole-wheat hoagie with your choice of a side. Evil spirits shall seep up from the bowels of the rotting earth.

Our veggie of the day is braised red cabbage. The Dark Lord summons all sinners to the throne of eternal damnation. Soup is Beet and Ginger, there is no hope of salvation for the wicked.

We’ve got lots of delicious vegan desserts today: Pistachio Chocoalte, Chocolate Ganache, Carrot Cake, and Vanilla Almond Cupcakes, the wrath of a thousand ages shall snuff out the light of deliverance, Gluten-free Chocolate Heaven and Almond-Ganache Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as the seventh seal is opened and insurmountable terror floods the land, Raw Blackberry Lemon “Cheesecake,” mankind shall be stunned into oblivion as the abyss opens its gaping maw to swallow whole all good and righteousness. Stop on by and grab a bite!


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Pshhhhh more like CLUB 4 LIFE!!! It’s a very exclusive group, of course, which is why it’s simply called “The Club,” but since you’ve passed the first stage in your demonstration of requisite awesomeness by simply reading this website, here’s how to complete your membership: Simply come into the Wild Cow today and “order” the “Club Sandwich Special with the works – Cucumbers, Veganaise, Spicy Mustard, and Lettuce” (you don’t have to remember all that, actually), and Choose a Side (this will of course determine your role within “The Club,” through some obscure, arcane ritualistic processes in which we secretly judge you for what side you select…), and your membership will be logged into the Great Timeless Archives of our Menu Computer. Oh yeah, and as a symbol of your newfound position among the world’s elite, we’ll actually give you the Club Sandwich special. And we won’t even force you to finish in front of us while we yell incoherent epithets at you because hazing is like, soooo 2011 and it’s basically 2012 now. Also that sucker has tofu AND tempeh maple-smoked “bacon.” TRUTH.

Soup today is tomato basil with vegan saaaaarr cream and dill, and a kale-sweet potato mix with jerk sauce!


-Gluten-free Almond Cake with Chocolate Ganache, 1/2-off Cupcakes (Carrot Cake, Chocolate Ganache, and Vanilla Almond), Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches, and Mini-Cupcakes!


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Entree: Sweet potato tofu scramble bowl with spinach, garlic aoili & pumpkin seeds! (GF) $8.50
Soup: creamy cauliflower & potato (GF)
Veggie: seaweed salad (GF)
Vegan treats: raw key lime “cheesecake”, a variety of cupcakes and mini cupcakes, chocolate raspberry yule log cake, gluten free chocolate almond cake, fresh baked donuts & chocolate chip cookie sandwiches!

Burger & Beer Night starts at 5:00……$10 for our homemade veggie burger, chips & a high alcohol beer!