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Sunday specials!

We’re serving brunch until 3:00, in addition to our regular menu!  We’re now serving freshly baked cinnamon rolls instead of donuts.  The cinnamon rolls just so happen to be gluten free! Soup: southwestern black bean (GF) Fresh juice: melon-berry-orange Seasonal veggies: rutabaga, turnips, cabbage, carrots & onion with garlic aioli!

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Saturday Specials!

Today we are serving a Greek Gyro with Marinated Seitan, Tabouli, Cucumber Sauce, Lettuce, Rice, and a side of your choice!  (8.75) Todays Specials Also Include: Side Of The Day- Kale Beet, and Tahini Salad Soup Of The Day – Southwestern Black Bean Soup Thanks Everyone.  Have an awesome Saturday!

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Happy Friday!!! Todays delicious gluten free special is- Cashew Pear Cranberry Salad! local butterhead lettuce served with sprouts and red onion. Topped with balsamic tofu and a jalapeno vinaigrette! Side: Beet Coleslaw -Gf! Soup: Curry Lentils with collards and carrot -Gf! Veggies: Sweet potato, rutabaga and turnips. Topped with our housemade aoli -Gf!

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Thursday Specials!!!

We are serving a Ginger Maple Tempe Bowl today!  This vegan variety will be served over quinoa and will include sautéed kale, local sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, and will be topped off with ginger aioli and pumpkin seeds.  (8.75…yum) The side of the day is mashed turnips and cauliflower. The soup of the day is curry lentil and […]

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What’s Happening At The Wild Cow!

The Wild Cow Specials! Asian Shitake Mushroom Tacos! w/ Rice, Bok Choy Slaw, and Spicy Ginger Mayo …only $8.50 Soup: Curry, Lentil, and Collards Side: Cold Udon Noodle Salad Veg: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Onions, and Cabbage Our beer special is the Green Flash Brewery West Coast IPA

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Monday’s Specials!

Entrée: Sweet potato-black bean-pumpkin seed burger topped with spinach, shredded carrots, red onions, avocado & maple BBQ sauce; comes with a side!  $8.75 Soup: miso with shitake mushrooms Side of the day: fruit salad (GF) Seasonal veggies: carrots, squash, cabbage & onion with garlic aioli (GF) BURGER & BEER NIGHT STARTS AT 5:00….GET OUR HOMEMADE […]

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