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Thanks for checking out our website!  The Wild Cow serves vegetarian & vegan fare in a fun, casual environment in the heart of East Nashville.
We opened the Wild Cow to provide delicious, cruelty-free, healthy food to the people of Middle Tennessee. We will never support the inhumane and environmentally destructive factory farm system that dominates our agricultural economy, nor will we support corporations like Coke and Pepsi that thrive off of our addiction to sugar and artificial “food”. Nearly all of our food is purchased in it’s whole form, meaning we make almost all of our own sauces, dressings, soup stocks, etc. This means that we can name every ingredient in the food we serve!
Most of our produce is grown locally and much of it is organic.  We are proud to not have a microwave or freezer (we have a tiny freezer that sits on top of our mini fridge, but it’s only for vegan ice cream and chilling beer glasses).
It is our goal to bring people together for the love of good food in a fun & relaxed environment, while supporting our community and organizations that promote our philosophies.
We have a rotating Charity of the Month.  We donate 10% of our sales from the first Thursday of each month to that Charity.  April’s Charity of the Month is Animal Rescue Corps.  Our Charity of the Month for May is Plant the Seed (planttheseed.org).


You can purchase a Wild Cow gift card below.  Just email us at thewildcow@live.com to let us know where to send it.
We also have Wild Cow t-shirts for sale!  Purchase here and email us at thewildcow@live.com to let us know which size/color you’d like (ask us what’s in stock) and to let us know where to send it.  Price includes shipping and tax.
Gift cards & t-shirts

Meet the staff:

Melanie Cochran, Co-Owner

I am so excited about The Wild Cow!  I am a yoga instructor and am getting ready to be a mom (well, I’ve been a dog mom for years, but our first human child is on his way)!  Before opening the restaurant, I was a music documentary producer/director and history teacher.   It is my heartfelt passion to make the world a better place for animals, especially factory farm animals. One way I’m trying to accomplish this goal is to introduce people to the idea that vegan food can be awesome!   I love watching our chefs at The Wild Cow create cruelty-free, healthy food and I feel so lucky to be able to eat this way everyday.  My role at The Wild Cow is front of house manager and overseer of all business issues.  I have plenty of restaurant experience, mostly serving and bartending.
I also enjoy vacations (who doesn’t?), explorations, making music, listening to music, traveling, hanging out with my dogs, the ocean, music history and acknowledging the innate emotional connections between humans and animals. I’m so lucky to have met a life partner who shares a love for animals, the environment and vegan cooking.
One of the things about The Wild Cow that I’m most excited about is that, through 3 Funding America, we raise funds for organizations that deal with animal welfare, environmental protection, safe/humane farming, world hunger, and more. The other thing I love about The Wild Cow is the opportunity to meet lots of new awesome people everyday–some will be venturing into vegetarian food with a degree of skepticism and I’m looking forward to impressing them–others will be vegetarians/vegans who have probably been looking forward to having another vegetarian restaurant in town and I hope we fulfill your expectations! No matter who you are, we hope that The Wild Cow will become a place of community, good food, and good energy…and we look forward to getting to know you!